Tanzania is 2nd in Africa for Public Service ICT Use: World Bank Report

Tanzania ranks 2nd in Africa and tops East Africa in effective use of ICT for public services, says a World Bank report.

Tanzania is 2nd in Africa for Public Service ICT Use: World Bank Report

According to a report by the World Bank, Tanzania is recognized for its effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) in delivering public services.

Globally, Tanzania is ranked 26th, securing the second position in Africa and the top spot in the East African region.

The report, called the GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI), evaluated 198 countries and placed Tanzania in group A, a significant improvement from its previous position of 90th in 2021.

The GTMI is a composite index that measures various aspects of GovTech, including supporting government systems, enhancing service delivery, promoting citizen engagement, and enabling GovTech advancements.

In Africa, the study covered 49 countries, and Tanzania ranked second after Mauritius in terms of technology use in government services. The report highlights sectors such as education, health, finance, and agriculture as leading in the provision of services through ICT, resulting in simplified access for citizens.

The success in Tanzania is attributed to a whole-of-government approach, with institutions like the e-Government Authority (e-GA) providing leadership in ICT policies and strategies.

Tanzania is 2nd in Africa for Public Service ICT Use: World Bank Report
GovTech Maturity Index : 2022 Update

The Government Communications Network (GovNet) connects ministries, departments, agencies, and local government authorities, ensuring secure communication. The government e-office system (GeOS) facilitates administrative processes, while the online service portal and mobile platform (mGov) offer convenient access to services and information.

The GTMI serves as a comprehensive measure of digital transformation in the public sector, focusing on core government systems, online service delivery, citizen engagement, and GovTech Centers.

This edition of the report reflects recent initiatives launched within the last two years and acknowledges the growing importance of digital technology in government and development, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As governments recover from the pandemic, they face challenges related to fiscal space, peace, stability, and climate change, making it a crucial moment for GovTech advancement.

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