Tanzania Startup Association 2nd Annual General Meeting

Event To Focus on Startup Policy and Act

Tanzania Startup Association 2nd Annual General Meeting

The Tanzania Startup Association (TSA) has announced that it will be hosting its 2nd annual general meeting (AGM) on December 8th at the JNICC in Dar es Salaam. In line with the goals of their organization, the event will serve as a platform to discuss plans for the coming year, present revenue and expenses, and provide an opportunity for members to offer advice and instructions to TSA executives, among other important business topics.

According to TSA CEO Zahoro Muhaji, this year’s AGM will focus on the crucial topic of “Startup Policy and Act for a Thriving Startup Ecosystem.” This timely theme reflects the growing recognition of the importance of startups in driving economic growth and innovation.

In addition to the central theme, the AGM will also provide a report on the previous year’s activities. This will allow members to track the association’s progress and assess its impact on the Tanzanian startup ecosystem.

The TSA held its first general meeting on March 19th, 2022. The 1st AGM was themed “Advocacy for an enabling business environment for startups to grow and scale in Tanzania.” The AGM was attended by over 200 participants, including founders, investors, and startup ecosystem support organizations.

The upcoming 2nd AGM is not to be missed. It is a great opportunity for startups to learn about the latest developments in the Tanzanian startup ecosystem and to network with other companies, investors, and ecosystem players.

Who should attend?

All TSA members.

When and where?

December 8th, at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center (JNICC).

The TSA is a non-profit organization that unites stakeholders in the Tanzanian startup ecosystem to promote its growth. It fulfills this mission through four key functions:

  • Advocating for policies, laws, and regulations that support startup growth.
  • Facilitating capital investment opportunities for startups.
  • Generating data and insights for tracking ecosystem development.
  • Collaborating with various stakeholders to advance the Tanzanian startup ecosystem.

Written by Isai Mathias

Journalist with a deep understanding of Tanzania's innovation and technology ecosystem. Research scientist who works on the development and commercialization of breakthrough technologies.

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